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Welcome to your GRADE 6 TERM 1,2024 HOMEWORK



1. Do ALL questions ONLINE and in your Homework exercise book.
2. Bring your Homework exercise book to school when school opens.
3. Write your name, class and phone number in the spaces above
4. After you finish doing the questions online, SUBMIT. Your work will be marked immediately, check and do Corrections.


1. What is ten thousand two hundred and thirty one in figures?

2. Round off 975 537 to the nearest hundred.

3. What is place value of digit 3 in 53041?

4. What is 16/20 in its simplest form?

5. What is L.C.M of 3, 10 and 15?

6. What is 8.02 − 7.91

7. Divide   2560÷16

8. Work out the G.C.D of 18,27 and 36.

9. The rectangle below measures 80 cm in length and 45cm in width. What is its perimeter?
                          Is square a rectangle? or rectangle is a square? | Socratic

10. What is value of 1/9 − 2 1/3?

11. Solve for P.     19+p =30

12. Trevor bought 6 hens at sh 500 each. How much did he spend?

13. What is the value of 5×2 1/7?

14. The rectangular box below measures 14 cm length, 12cm width and 6 cm height. Find its volume in m³?
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15. What is the total value digit 7 in the product of 63 and 91?

16. What is  1/3 of 27?

17. What is 34/100 as a decimal?

18. Divide 2332÷22

19. A Mathematics book has a length of 20 cm. If it has an area of 300 cm², what is its width?

20. Convert 9¾ km to metres.

21. What is the value of 4¾×60 ?

22. What is 44 in Roman Numerals?

23. The rectangle below has a length of 12cm and a width of 6 cm. Calculate the area of the shaded part in cm².
The area of a rectangle in 24 square units. A diagonal drawn from one corner to another divides the -

24. Express 23/4 as a mixed number

25. How many days are there in 6 weeks?

26. How many minutes are there in 3 hours and 43 minutes?

27. Find the value of X in 3/8 = x/32.

28. Add 47108 and 7601

29. Which of the following is a leap year?

30. What is the size of angle C°?
How to find an angle in a right triangle - Basic Geometry

31. Get the value of X if : 3x+2−2x=6

32. Calculate the area of the triangle below in cm².
Pythagoras - JavaTpoint

33. What is 5 multiplied by 3½?

34.  What is 615 divided by 3?

35. Murugi can read a total of 2730 words in 21 minutes. How many words can she read in one minute?

36. How many triangles are in the figure below?
2^77232917 − 1 : 1999 HMMT Geometry :|

37. What is the next number in the pattern? 19, 23, 29, 31 _________.

38. What is the value 0.35 × 22

39. How many ¼kg packets are there in 8½kg?

40. What is 8 4/5 expressed as an improper fraction?



Look at the tree of Virtues above.

1. Check whether you possess any of them?
2. Can you see any that your closest friend has?
3. What virtues do you think miss in a proud person?

Read the play ‘PRIDE’ IN YOUR PRIMARY English pupils’ book from page 145 -154. Try to get the meaning of the following words as used in the play.


Fever, patience, witch, recover, humility, herb, pride, bill, hate, trust, virtue, responsibility, generosity, obedience, honesty, hardworking, generous, kind, fair, trustworthy.

Language use:

  1. Use of question tags.

A question tag is part of a statement that is added to a sentence to make it a question.


You have heard about that flood, haven’t you? Haven’t you is our question tag.

Other examples:

-It is eight o’clock, isn’t it?

- You have a pen, haven’t you?

NB: the question added to the end of each statement is a question tag. It asks for the confirmation of the truth of the statement.

The answer is often ‘yes’ or ‘no’.


  • It’s an interesting book to read, isn’t it? (it is- isn’t it)
  • It isn’t an interesting book to read, is it? (it isn’t—is it)
  • You have read this book, haven’t you? (you have---- haven’t you)
  • You do your homework always, don’t you? (you do----- don’t you)
  • You don’t do your homework always, do you? (you don’t ----- do you)
  • The people had left their homes before the river overflowed, hadn’t they? (The people had------ hadn’t they)
  • Tuva had gone to the river with his mother when the crocodile attacked him, hadn’t he? (Tuva had gone------ hadn’t he)


When there is a negative in the sentence (-not-), It is omitted in the question tag. When there is a negative in the question tag, there is none in the statement.

Other examples:

  • He seems to be in a hurry, doesn’t he?
  • She seemed to be in a hurry, didn’t she?

NB: Verbs like seem, arrive, know, save, go, eat etc, we use doesn’t, don’t, or didn’t in the question tag. We use doesn’t and don’t when we are talking about the present.

We use didn’t when we are talking about the past.


Mary goes to church every Sunday, doesn’t she?

Peter went to town yesterday, didn’t he?


 Add the correct question tag.

  1. Father has milked the cow…………

2. Your tomatoes are growing well……….

3. This seedbed is too dry……………………

4. You’ve sown the cabbage seeds…………

5. Wanjira can dig very fast…………

6. Jacob can help you in E-learning………………

7. He does not work in a bank…………..

8. Please sir, we can keep a cow next year…………….

9. The teacher told us to do the _____ sums first and leave the hard ones till the end.

10. I think this year will be _____ than last year. There was a lot of rain in April and May.

11. After the gazelle painted the hyena, he looked _____ than before.

12. It's _________ to cross where the road is straight than near a bend

Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentences.

13. An essay, as well as sums, ______ given as homework.

14. Wetangula as well as Mudavadi, who is his friend, _______ today.

15. The District Education Officer, as well as his wife, ______ agreed to give away the prizes on speech day.

16. The construction of new schools, as well as the extension of the old ones, _____ at a high rate,

17. The abilities of this boy , as well as his strength, _______ everybody.

18. Bread and butter, as well as milk _____ served with every meal of the day.

19. My father as well as my uncle _____ for  a morning walk.

Complete the following sentences by inserting the correct degree of the adjective given.

20. Who is a __________ candidate for the post, Barbara or Beatrice?

21. She is my ______ sister

22. November, December and January are the ______ months  in Mombasa.

23. Both my cousins  are _____ my sister.

24. She wrote a composition of fifty words; hers was the ____ composition of all.

25.  Their house is the _____ building from here.

26.  U.S.A is the  ______ country in the world.

27. Undoubtedly, Jane is the ________ of the Robinson twins.

28. The weather was bad yesterday but it's even _____today.

Use the highlighted word to get the correct name.

29. A person who participates in a boxing match is called a …………………….

30. A person who stalks another is a …………………..

31. A machine used for cooking is called a …………

32. An object used for heating is called a …………...

33. An object used for drying things is called a …………….

34. His marks were the lowest in class; he is the ____ pupil in class.



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