April 25, 2021
April 25, 2021


Welcome to your STD 6 SSRE


4. Which area in the map is used for recreation?

5. Which is the shortest route to use when moving from City College to the Police Station?

6. Most Eastern side of the map is covered by ___

7. People who die in this area are buried at the ____

8. Which one of the following shows plain Nilotes only?

9. River Athi has tis source at ____

10.  ______ is not a basic human need.

11. The instrument below is used to measure____
Solved: A Barometer Is A Simple Instrument For Measuring T... |

12. Which among these crops would not be grown under irrigation?

13. Which one of the following countries is not a source of River Nile?

13. The type of fish caught by use of light at night in Lake Tanganyika is __

Yo14. The leading county in production of maize in Kenya is ___

Use the picture below to answer questions 16-18.
Giant crater lake - The crater lake at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon was formed about 150 yea… | Crater lake national park, Crater lake oregon, National parks
16. The lake above is on top of a mountain. It called a ____

17. Such a lake is found on top of a ______ mountain.

18. An example of such a lake in Kenya is found at ____

19. The river which drains into Lake Turkana is __-

20. Bananas are grown under irrigation in ______

21. The Supreme court of the Ameru was called____

22. In Kenya Census is done after _____

23. The party that led Tanzania into independence was ____

24. The equivalent of a parliament in traditional Buganda Kingdom was known as ___

25. How many women representatives are elected in the Kenya National Assembly?

26. The highest court in Kenya is called_____

27. The work of parliament in Kenya is to ____

28. Kenyans celebrate their  heroes on a day called ______

29. The senior most person in a county is the ___-

30. In which town is the headquarters of East African Community?

31. In the beginning, God created _______ and Eve.

32. Jesus was born in the lineage of ______

33. Which one of the following duties did God give to man when he created him?

34. The disciple who denied Jesus three times was ____-

35. Which of the following does NOT mean Holy Communion?

36. "Go from your country, your people and your father's household to the land I will show you".
The above word were told to ______ by God in Genesis 12:1.

37. By calming the storm, Jesus showed that he had_____

38. Who among the following people was told by God to build the Ark?

39. The most important value that Jesus required from those he healed was ____

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